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A couple of weeks back, i was going trough the juno “Comming Soon” list, and stumbled across a very nice release from the house duo”New Jack City”. When I was listening to the preview i noticed the label: “Music Is Love”. A very simple name, that in some way got me interested. I googled to find more about this newcomer label, and the more i read, the more i fell in love with these guys. Read the interview and you will know why these guys are so interesting.


Hi guys! – Thank you so much for your time.  Tell us who you are and how it all started?

Hey we’re Oli Furness & Angus Jefford owners of Music is Love Records. How it all came about with setting the label up, was after talking about the way labels are easily set up these days, and how we felt some people were missing the mark a little with what WE believe a label to be.
So we put our heads together thought long and hard about what values we wanted to put across and got to work with finding some artists!


The first release is with the upcoming duo “New Jack City” What is the background story of this smashing first release?

 Well there’s no real background story, early in the conceptual days of MIL angus managed to strike up a relationship with the guys and told them about the ideas and dreams we had for MIL, these must have struck a chord with the New Jack City boys as they jumped on board. Then me and angus (under our alias MIL) fired up the tr-909 and the remix was done within a few days. Were really glad to have the New Jack City guys on board as they are as nice as they are talented.


What do you guys think is hardest, when making a new label?

Well there are obvious pitfalls such as financial issue’s , getting a good vinyl distro deal etc. But I think the hardest thing is to find a solid bed of ideas and beliefs and turn that into a tangible end product. For example our beliefs are to own and run a label where the emphasis is on quality over quantity and I hope we have managed to achieve that this time round by pressing onto 180g vinyl, with recycled cardboard and designs specific for that release.

What Do you see as an important part of your label’s mission?

An important part of our mission is to continue with the same values we started with, to provide a wide array of solid house music without selling out and without taking our eye of producing a high quality product spanning from the music on the vinyl to the material it is incased in.


Are you planning on big artists or upcoming artist?

We have already locked down a family of artists that will be on the label, none of these are “big names” per se, but we believe they are as talented if not more so than most of the people out there, we want our artists to grow with the label and the label to grow with them. We aren’t ignoring artists that are doing it right now though, but we want these artist to spin their interpretation on the releases through remixs. We already have an absolute corker of a remixer lined up for MAXWELL’S ep which will be MIL003

How did you come up with the label name?

 The label name was a topic of discussion for quite some time and then one day randomly talking with our friend JACK BARTON he mentioned the phrase as he was to have it as a tattoo and we loved it, so its thanks to him really.


You’ve just released a FREE downloadable track from DaPhuture, which got huge great response. How and why did you come up with the idea of making this wonderful track free to download?

Yeah the track has and still is receiving huge responses and quite rightly so aswell, its an absolute banger! I cannot thanks Steve “DaPhuture” Dowsett enough for letting us have it, you can expect more of the same from him when he releases his ep on MIL later on in the year. One of the reasons we decided to let people have it for free was as a thank you for the amazing support and love people have shown us before we have even released an ep, also the New Jack City Ep was supposed to be out on the 3rd of Dec but as it wasn’t pressed on 180g vinyl we declined it and had to put the released date back to the 14th so this was to keep the beats rolling until then.




I noticed you guys are really active on facebook, with music, t-shirts, videos etc. Tell os why you feel this is important?

Yeah we try and run our FB page like a blog, so we post tracks that are pushing our buttons, any free tracks we come across, general videos of interest to people into production etc. This way we are pushing our community vibe forward and creating a place to not just keep up to date with releases but also somewhere you can go to check out the latest beats and vibes that were diggin.


What can we aspect from Music Is Love in 2013?

Well we start the year with our double vinyl Va entitled “LOVEBOX” which will feature 8 artists that will then in turn release eps on the label over the following months. We are really excited about this release as it showcases what we are truly about. After that we have MAXWELL’s ep which will for sure blow peoples socks off, then we’ve added an amazing remixer which we cant name for now but its big, REAL BIG. So what can you expect.. nothing but housey goodness!!!


If you had to pick one release that you guys think rocked 2012, what would it be?

Wow that’s too hard to narrow down im afraid, 2012 has been a great year for the house music scene in the uk and in and Holland.Both becoming  very very strong with crews like Tommorow is now Kid, slapfunk, Albion Records, Roots for bloom, Illusion Records to name a few all doing their own thing and doing it the right way.

 – Thank you so much again for the interview!

Thanks for chatting and please look out for the New Jack City “ back in the Dayz” ep hitting all good record shops on the 14th Dec.


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